Monsignor della Casa Country Resort & Spa

Immersed in the lushest countryside, Monsignor della Casa Country Resort & Spa maintains the mystique of a period residence with all the comforts of a charming resort. You’ll taste the history in the air: this part of Tuscany is the homeland of many famous Italian names, from Giovanni della Casa of this estate, and some of the Medici family as well as the painters Giotto, Fra Angelico, and Andrea del Castagno.

This beautiful 200-hectare estate is just 30 minutes by car or train from Florence, so forget the clocks and indulge in some proper relaxation. Feel the wind in your hair, give in to the enveloping vapors of our Spa, savor every dish like the first time. Take some time out for love.

Your escape from the world in the heart of Tuscany.