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Real Tuscan Cooking Classes

Cook with pleasure, taste with emotion. 


  • Tuscan cooking class

    Bring Tuscany home with you: relive it every time you cook up something from our tradition. Unique flavors, genuine ingredients, the love of real things. Sign up for a three-hour cooking class at Monsignor della Casa Country Resort & Spa: our chef Patrizia will reveal all her secrets. 

  • Hands-on

    During the “Hands-on” course, you’ll learn how to choose the choicest of fresh local ingredients. Breathe in the passion of our grandmothers as you choose the right herbs. The same passion that will lead you to create the tastiest of pastas like ravioli, tagliatelle and tortelli, followed by a meat or vegetable main course, followed of course by something sweet, like a tasty tiramisù.

  • Come and eat

    After the class, you’ll have a chance to find out just how well you did: we’ll serve up a lunch of what you’ve learned to cook. Invite your friends and family to taste some unforgettable flavors.

  • Information

    The cooking classes are only available to guests of Monsignor della Casa Country Resort & Spa and must be booked at least one week in advance. They are available for a minimum of two participants and maximum of six. The cost is €98 per person for the class and €46 per person to join the lunch.

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