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Family Activities

Tuscany for families. Your family. 

The Monsignor della Casa Country Resort & Spa is the ideal place for unforgettable vacations with those you love. We like to make you feel completely at home, here in the heart of Tuscany: with all our available family-friendly services we’ll make it easier for you, making sure you get to relax and have fun with your kids. 

  • Explore, play, love. All in Tuscany

    Vacation time means time well spent with your family. To make the most of that time, have a look through some of our suggestions. At our resort you won’t be far from great ways to create  unforgettable memories.

  • Educational Farm

    Just 5 minutes from the Monsignor della Casa Country Resort there is a very special kind of farm. At the Fattoria Didattica you can have a fun-filled day with your children: with chickens, rabbits, sheep... lots of surprises. The owners arrange a variety of educational activities with the animals and the farm’s vegetable patches. A unique way to learn about nature.

  • Horse-back riding

    Nothing beats the exhilaration of experiencing Tuscany from the back of a horse. Reward yourself and your family with this special experience while you’re at Monsignor della Casa. With so many stables in the area, you’ll easily find the right horse for your level. With expert instructors your children will be able to experience it under expert hands, in total safety. Another precious memory for the family album.

  • “Il Gigante” adventure park

    Just outside Florence and a 30-minute drive from us, is the unique play park, “Il Gigante”. It offers an unforgettable day out for the whole family: a series of courses through the trees that offer acrobatics, games, and jumps from tree to tree. Offering nothing but pure fun it’s suitable for the whole family, kids, teens, and adults. A jump in adventure, in complete safety. 

  • Pistoia Zoo

    It’s not everyday you come face to face with a giraffe or watch the acrobatic antics of a parrot up close. Here in Tuscany, anything can happen. Bring your family on a trip through the African Savanna to the Arabian deserts, within just an hour by car from our Country Resort. A day spent relaxing with your family among the nature at the Zoological Gardens of Pistoia will leave a lasting memory. 

  • Pinocchio Park in Collodi

    Let your children live for a day in a world of fairytales. In the province of Pistoia, the world’s best-loved story of Pinocchio lives on everyday. The famous wooden boy has Tuscan origins: his creator, Carlo Collodi, was born just 50 miles from our Resort. Today you can visit the Pinocchio Park, dedicated to fairytale, with all sorts of activities, themed paths, and entertainment.

  • Water sports

    Lake Bilancino is perfect for the whole family to relax. While you practise your fishing, your spouse might enjoy some sun, let the kids play by the water’s edge under your watchful gaze. Worried that any older kids might be bored? Let them try out some of the fun sports available: canoeing, windsurfing, and sailing. Kids, teenagers, and, most of all, you.

  • Guided tours of Florence’s museums

    Florence can offer all sorts of exclusive activities for you and your family. You’ll all find plenty to keep you amazed in the main museums, like the Pitti Palace, the Uffizi Gallery, Palazzo Vecchio and the Accademia, with famous masterpieces, classical and Renaissance sculpture and your children will be impressed and entertained by the educational options available. Museums at a family scale. 

  • Information

    We can help you book whatever activities you like and provide all necessary advice for an unforgettable family day out. Just ask at reception. 

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