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Mugello Racetrack

A very charming hotel

If you are searching for a Mugello Racetrack Hotel, Monsignor della Casa Country Resort & Spa is definitely what you need.

The Country Resort is in Borgo San Lorenzo, only 5 minutes away from the Mugello Racetrack and not far from the Barberino motorway exit. The Circuit is only a few minutes away and you will be able to assist the grand prix, the formula 1 tests and all the other events of the Circuit.

You will not only find rooms and suites for a weekend alone, with friends, with your partner or with family, but also apartments and villas, in the heart of Mugello, where you can stay for longer periods, surrounded by an authentic, ideal and cosy atmosphere.

The Mugello Racetrack

A complete, selective competition, always open to the unexpected. This was the old Mugello Racetrack. It opened in 1914 as a regularity competition but was immediately interrupted due to the war. It was at its top during the first postwar years. At those times, only the best pilots used to race along the 66 kms of dusty roads, going from Scarperia to Firenzuola, to then come back through the pass in San Piero and back to Scarperia again. These pilots were. Campari, Brilli Peri, Enzo Ferrari (winner in 1921 of the 4500 class with an Alfa Romeo), Antonio Ascari, Borzacchini, as well as Emilio Materassi, a local idol.

Pushed aside by the prestige of the Mille Miglia, the Mugello Racetrack remained silent after the 1929 edition, even though in 1955 it seemed to have a revival on a shorter 19km track. Once the Mille Miglia disappeared and the popularity of competitions on the road grew during the sixties, passionate managers like Pasquale Borracci and Amos Pampaloni suggested to launch the classic 66kms competition once again. These new editions had a great success but very rarely they could count on the most prestigious Ferrari brand, that officially took part only in the 1967 test drives. It was destiny, however, that made the stories of the Mugello and the Ferrari cross each other’s roads again, but it would take more than twenty years for this to happen.

The Mugello area has such great height differences that it is the ideal place for test drives.

It was planned in the seventies and then totally renovated by the Ferrari company, owner of the Mugello Racetrack, and it is one of the most evocative, modern and safe places at the International level..

It is where the Ferrari (which owns it) and Formula 1 test drives regularly take place, it’s the main site of the MotoGp and Superbike world championship, as well as of important national and international automobile companies. It hosted Formula 5.000 (that inaugurated the Circuit on 23rd June 1974), Formula 3.000, Formula 2, Dtm, Fia-Gt and, as the only Italian plant, the ITC: as regards the two wheels it is the main seat of the Italian GP

There are many reasons to choose Monsignor della Casa - Mugello Racetrack hotel:

  • Spa open until 10 pm on request
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Complimentary parking