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The “home of the Galateo”, in the Medici’s land

"And just as pleasant and kind ways have the strength to arouse the benevolence of those of us who live, so on the contrary, the rough and slob incite others to hatred and contempt of us."

Giovanni della Casa, known as Monsignor della Casa, was born in 1503 in the Castle a few steps from the Resort. That's why ours is certainly the home of the Galateo, the famous treatise of polite behaviour.

Son of Pandolfo della Casa and Lisabetta Tornabuoni, cousin of Lorenzo de’ Medici (the Magnificent), Monsignor della Casa was made Secretary of State of the Holy See with Pope Paolo IV  and in Rome he surrounded himself with illustrious personalities, from literature to politics, first of all the members of the Medici family, wise statesmen and patrons of the arts.

In this atmosphere, matured the idea of ​​a treatise inspiring the gentlemen manners throughout Europe, through behaviours to be adopted and habits to be averted. The result of such reflection was the “Galateo ovvero de’ costumi”, published in 1558, after his death. The title of the work recalls the name of Galeazzo Florimonte, bishop of Sessa, a dear friend of Monsignor della Casa.

The treatise describes the education given to a young man by an illiterate elder, who teaches the student the good manners, how to behave in society, to be composed at the table and to have a polite conversation.

The Galateo was translated into many languages ​​and became a reference for polite behavior and courtesy throughout Europe.

Nowadays, the Galateo’s values appear more current than ever, thanks to the renewed interest in good manners in every aspect of everyday life, from eloquence to clothing to the etiquette in setting the table or receiving guests.

And all this makes us very proud, because the Resort, immersed in the wonderful Medici’s land, is also the home of the Galateo.

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The “home of the Galateo”, in the Medici’s land

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