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Monsignor della Casa resosort organizes cooking classes for its guests in the beautiful background of the hills of Tuscany. Inside its traditional restaurant, carefully decorated in a country-chic style, or outside on the terrace, and with the helping hand of our chefs, you can learn and try out all the best specialties of the traditional kitchen of Tuscany. Book your cooking holidays Italy!

Cooking holidays in Italy are a true local experience, and one can get the best out of it in Tuscany, because the traditional cuisine is at the same time simple and very tasty. Indeed people from Tuscany prefer to invest in high quality ingredients rather than spending hours cooking. For example is common to get as starter a “fett’unta”, which consists of a slice of toasted bread with a bit of garlic and some freshly squeezed local extravergine d’oliva oil. How a famous statesman stated, the Tuscan Kitchen is “a poor one, but worthy of a king!”.

Tuscan kitchen is easy but has its rituals and traditions that guarantees that once you get to know them, you will be able to cook some traditional Tuscan meals forever! There is a long tradition on how to prepare and serve these dishes and one can learn them by participating in one of the cooking holidays we organize, from beginner to advanced level. We will make sure you will impress your family or friends once you come back home with “tortelli di patate”, special ravioli with potatoes filling, “ribollita”, a bread soup for winter, “peposo”, stewed meat cooked in wine and pepper, or “ragù”, the special sauce from the Appennines area, or our renowned specialty, the truffle.

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