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Country resort with Tuscan experiences

Monsignor della Casa Country Resort & Spa is a charming luxury retreat in the splendid tuscan countryside, in the hills of Borgo San Lorenzo, a few kilometers from Florence. This country resort offers many activities for its guests, such as a falconry experience for a day, truffle hunting and Tuscan cooking classes.


Falconry Experience

If you love animals, the tuscan experience Falconer for a day will fascinate you. The Monsignor della Casa Resort offers the possibility of close encounters with some of the most incredible birds of prey in the world, such as the peregrine falcon, the eagle, the eagle owl and the falcon. Together with an experienced falconer, you can learn the basics of falconry and see these animals in action.

The experience begins with a presentation of birds of prey, their habits and anatomy. You'll also get to see a bird flight display and understand how these animals can be trained to hunt. Once you have mastered the basics of falconry, you'll be able to handle some of the birds in flight, experiencing the feeling of having a bird of prey on your arm. An unforgettable experience to live in Tuscany!


Truffle hunting

Tuscany is famous for its delicious truffles, gourmet ingredients of risottos, fragrant second courses and precious side dishes. Monsignor della Casa Luxury Resort offers the opportunity to participate in a real truffle hunt, one of the most fascinating Tuscan experiences. Together with an expert truffle hunter and his dog, the guests can hunt these small, great treasures in the Monsignor della Casa's truffle ground.

During the truffle hunt, you will learn how to spot these tubers among the leaves, in their most delicious varieties, the white and black truffles. You will also learn how to use the special tool to dig truffles out of the ground. After the hunt, you will taste the freshly picked truffle, perhaps accompanied by a glass of local wine.

All the essence of authentic Tuscany in an exciting activity, offered by reservation, in the periods permitted by law.


Tuscan cooking classes

Tuscany boasts a food and wine heritage appreciated all over the world. The Monsignor della Casa Country Resort offers the unique possibility of taking home and recreating whenever you want the flavors of your holiday in the Tuscan countryside, thanks to the Tuscan cooking classes. This experience will lead you to discover the aromas of Tuscan cuisine, you will learn how to prepare the best-known dishes of the local tradition with fresh and seasonal ingredients.

An expert chef will teach you the techniques of some Tuscan specialties, such as fresh homemade pasta, ribollita soup and the famous Florentine steak. You will also learn how to pair the right wine with each dish and how to bring your recipes to the table in an inviting and refined way, to seduce your guests at first glance.

The Monsignor della Casa Resort in Borgo San Lorenzo offers many typically Tuscan activities to give special moments to its guests, exploring the richness and uniqueness of these places with Tuscan experiences. The activity of a falconer for a day, truffle hunting and Tuscan cooking classes are just some of our options to live an unforgettable holiday in Tuscany.

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